Garage Door Maintenance

It is important to keep up with the maintenance of a garage door

Monthly Inspection

It is important to do a monthly garage door inspection. First, make sure the garage door is closed. Then while the garage door is closed inspect the rollers, cables, pulleys, and/or springs. Also take notice and inspect the hardware attached to the garage door. Hardware for a garage door would include the hinges. While inspecting some of the gear attached to a garage door take notice if there is any damage. Also, take notice if any cables are starting to pull apart or thread.

Garage door maintenance

Garage Door Test

It is important to test the balance of a garage door on a monthly basis. If the garage door has automatic systems make sure to disconnect the automatic button. Then proceed to lift the garage door by hand. At this point, the garage door should be able to lift up with little or no resistance. Little or no resistance indicates that the garage door has balance.

Mechanism Test

To complete this test take a piece of wood and place the wood where the garage door should hit it when it goes down. Push the garage door button. Take notice of the garage door as it is going down. When the garage door hits the wood it should go right back up. If the garage door does not automatically begin to reverse after touching the wood then you may want to look further into it.

Overall, it is important to inspect and routinely run a test to make sure a garage door is running properly.

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